"Are You Tired of Giving Away Discounts and Free Shipping Without Really Knowing What You're Getting for It?"
Finally! New Shopify App Applies An Instant Cart-Discount When Customer Socially-Shares Purchase!
“In the future, this is how online stores will eliminate cart abandonment and put an end to lost sales”
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...And Gets Money Generating Social Media Buzz!
"I love this app...highly recommend if you want to leverage social media recommendations to grow your business." - John, Iprint 3D
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  •  2X Cart Completions
  •  Gets New Customers Without Advertising 
  •  Minimizes customer acquisition costs.
  •  Sets-Up In Minutes
  •  Reduces Cart Abandonment
  •  Auto-Leverages Word-of-Mouth
  •  Auto-Generates New Customers 
  •  Ensures ROI for Discounts Given
Many store owners are shocked to learn that on average only 3 out of 10 shoppers who put a product in their cart...actually check-out. Revenue Ripple solves this and gets regularly 7 out 10 shoppers to go to check-out and purchase. Revenue Ripple trades an instantly applied discount or free shipping in exchange for social sharing the purchase. Trading this incentive for a social share encourages moving forward with the purchase, thereby increasing cart completions by up to 67%!
Auto-Leverages Word-of-Mouth Advertising
When your excited buyer socially shares their purchase (or your brand) with their friends at point of sale, their friends can click on the post and instantly be redirected back to your store. Here they can enjoy the same offer when they agree to share, too.  This creates a "ripple effect" which produces increasing revenue as it ripples out from one person's social circle to another.
Auto-Generates New Customers
Your buyers have friends and colleagues that have similar likes and desires. They're more likely to trust and act on the recommendation of a friend who just purchased....and become a new customer for you.  Best of all, the process automatically ripples out from customer, to new customer, to new customer.
Helps Ensure Measurable ROI For Incentives Given
Say goodbye to giving away incentives hoping for a return. For the first time, you now get certainty that you're trading free-shipping and discounts for a valuable social recommendation. That makes good business sense!
Sets-Up In Just Minutes
You'll love how Revenue Ripple is intuitive to use and lets you start trading discounts for social shares in just minutes.
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